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Waring States Period Red Agate Bracelet


Product Name: Waring States Period Red Agate Bracelet

Product Code: 22417292116

Size: 63mm by 21mm

This unique jewellery piece features an incredibly beautiful texture with a very detailed and impressive coloring throughout. The original gemstone was chosen for its deep impressive features in the overlapping colours and natural patterns.

This is a handmade piece, with the artist shaping and preparing, to highlight the very impressive shades of colour and texturing of the natural gemstone. This piece can change in presentation with different light so, there are many shades and hues to this amazing jewellery piece.

The artist has chosen the name ‘Waring States Period’ to describe the deep rich red tones of this artwork jewellery piece so, you know this is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery and certain to impress.

Representing an excellent jewellery investment, a cherished gift to a loved one or, your own personal statement of beauty and style

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