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Red Wine Jasper Gold and Diamond Ring


Item description: Red Wine Jasper Gold & Diamond Ring

Item Number 12010228-20160318-02

18k Gold 2.08 g, Jasper 2.4 carat, 24 Diamond Pieces

Size. 17mm inner diameter

This is truly an alluring and special jewellery piece with the combination of 3 precious elements of Jasper Gold and Diamonds would be ideal as a beautiful addition any collection.

Featuring a ruby red colour deep in the precious stone Jasper, which offers a rich texture and tone to impress. The gemstone itself was especially chosen for its natural beauty and appeal and has been carved and polished t perfection The theme of a simple elegant design of ring offer pure class and style embodied in the 3 precious elements. The Jasper gemstone sits tastefully on gold ring with a feature of 24 diamond pieces combining to present as special jewellery item.

Such a beautiful and quality piece will last forever giving years of enjoyment. Ideal as a gift to be remember or for your own jewellery collection.

Sold with authentication certificate to insure your investment is genuine and of the highest quality.