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Red Tourmaline Gold Ring with Diamond Feature


Code: 12010152-20160318-08

Name: Tourmaline ring

Specifications: 18k gold: 2.54g, 

Certificate No. 44011500019018

Size: Ring diameter: 17mm, gem width: 5mm, height: 7mm

Specially style gold, diamond and precious stone ring with its own very unique and beautiful features. This 18k gold ring features a striking red Tourmaline centre surrounded by 36 pieces of 1.553ct sparkling diamonds.  

Red is the highest value in the tourmaline, which is often compared to purple and red roses. Also the precious stone of red tourmaline is known as "baby face" with the addition feature of subtle changes in colour depending on lighting conditions.

A beautiful jewellery piece and perfect for a gift for loved one’s or impressive addition to your own collection.