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Purple Crystal & Diamond Ring


Item description: Purple Crystal Ring

Item Number:14010012-20160615-11

Certificate. GC151206855

Size: 18mm inside diameter, Diamond 20 pieces

Beautifully proportioned Crystal and Diamond ring presented for sale. Featuring a rich purple Crystal as a centerpiece, which has been shaped and crafted to reflect the natural light from many angles. Poised delicately in a finely shaped ring with the ornate feature of 20 Diamond pieces.

The overall aesthetic of this fine jewellery piece is the stand-out feature and would offer a stunning finishing touch to the right fashion look. All hand-made to the very highest standards you can be assured of receiving this fine gemstone jewelley ring.  

This fine jewellery piece features a flowing colour of natural purple gemstone Crystal and is ready to impress. The warm subtle colour of the precious stone is the really attractive part of this fine jewellery piece.

Presented in its own designer storage box to enhance and protect your beautiful Crystal ring.