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A life Artwork Carving

A life Artwork Carving


Product Name: A life Agate ArtworK

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Offered for collection this totally unique Agate sculpture artwork. The original Agate gemstone comes from the mountain region of Southern China and was chosen for its rick and deep earth colours and texture. Then over a year period was hand carved into this magnificent piece by a highly skilled craftsman.

Note there are no artificial colours to this piece with all colours from the gemstone itself. You will note the artist who created this piece has chosen a design to enhance the amazing natural colours, and has carved the piece to highlight the natural features of the gemstone.  

Called ‘A life ‘ this piece features a flowing from the bottom to the top with an organic earthly design. This impressive piece of gemstone art would add elegance and beauty to any home, with the knowledge that it is a ‘one off’ creation that is totally unique and unlike any other type of natural artwork.

Gemstone, are such a true wonder of nature, this artwork is an expression itself, a feast for the eyes and an enviable possession for any home. 

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