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Natural Mineral Amber Vase


Natural Mineral Amber Vase

Code. 11020017-20160514-07

Certificate. Z50806234

Size. Width: 76mm, height: 86mm, thickness: 38mm

Something so special does not come along every day and this truly unique designer vase is such a piece. This artwork has been carefully created from the very best precious stone amber available which was specially chosen for its colour and texture. Then it has been hand carved by skilled craftsmen to crate this superb artwork, it is like no other.

Amber has long been known for its health benefits and when used for drinks they say ‘you can taste the improved flavour’. Other associated benefits of Amber include, relieving stress, promoting flow through the body and also enhanced overall health.

Of course this beautiful piece can be used for a striking artwork around the home of office. With its lucid texture and colour it would make a treasured addition to any collection.

Beautiful collectors piece or a wise investment. Comes in quality timber presentation case for safe care and storage. For more detailed information please contact.

Price on Application