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Jasper and Diamond Gold Ring


Item description: Jasper and Diamond and Gold Ring

Item Number 12010216-20160608-03

Certificate Number. 14130538909

18k Gold 1.83g plus 2.5 carat Jasper plus 26 Diamond Pieces

Size. 18mm inner diameter

A truly beautiful Diamond and Gold ring with stunning Jasper feature piece. Elegant in design with a distinct poise and style this ring set features 3 elements of diamond god and jasper to combine to make a very impressive jewellery piece.

The Jasper precious tone is of the highest quality and excludes a rich purple and turquoise colour with subtle change in colour depending on the light. The 18 carat gold ring and round centerpiece provide the backdrop for the featured Jasper stone with surrounding 26 sparkling diamonds.  A beautiful and graceful jewellery piece worthy of addition to any collection.

Sold with authentication certificate to insure your investment is genuine and of the highest quality.

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