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Happiness Neacklace


Product Name: Happiness Necklace

Product Code: 10100417-20160223-01

Size: 24mm by 255mm

Presented for sale is this magnificent Agate gemstone necklace jewellery. Featuring a centre piece of rich red gemstone, which has a unique earthly texture to amaze, its like a planet from the stars to look at, very impressive colour and hue. Then complemented with a selection of beads and gemstones to round off the overall stylish appeal of the entire peice.

Legend says this style and design will bring happiness to the owner, whether or not, this is a beautiful necklace and sure to make a bold fashion statement where ever it is on show.

An artwork jewellery piece like this, with the original gemstone piece being carefully chosen and  is like no other. Then it has been handmade and finished by the finest gemstone craftsman in the world.

This ‘Happiness’ necklace will last forever and provide an excellent jewellery investment and an impressive addition to any collection.

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