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Hand Made Agate Chess Set


Product code10070024-20160805-13

Product nameAgate Chess Set

Size: Chessboard length 445mm, wide 250mm, high 70mm, Piece diameter 43mm

Beautiful hand-made Chinese chess set now offered for sale. These high quality sets have been crafted from Agate, which was sourced from the finest natural precious stone. The board has an detailed artistic map textured finish with each board piece polished and painted by hand – a true piece of fine artwork you can enjoy for years to come.

Go (Chess) was originally played on a 17×17 line grid, but a 19×19 grid became standard by the time of the Tang Dynasty (618–907). Legends trace the origin of the game to the mythical Chinese emperor Yao (2337–2258 BC), who was said to have had his counsellor Shun design it for his unruly son, Danzhu, to favourably influence him. Other theories suggest that the game was derived from Chinese tribal warlords and generals, who used pieces of stone to map out attacking positions.

A totally unique gift for a loved one or a special addition to any home.