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Elegant Jasper and Diamond Gold Ring


Item description: Fine Jasper Gold & Diamond Ring

Item Number 12010222-20160608-05

Certificate Number. 400 8800 251

18k Gold 2.2g plus 4 carat Jasper plus 50 Diamond Pieces

Size. 18mm inner diameter

An jewellery piece which offers a mysterious design and colour to impress any fine gemstone collector. This simple and tasteful design excludes a sense of elegance and the 3 elements of Jasper, Gold and Diamonds all combine to produce very unique and attractive ring.

The centrepiece of this special ring is the deep and textured Jasper precious stone.  With a mystic earth tone red and black colour the stone itself has multiple layers of the natural stone elements. This hand crafted Jasper has a very impressive natural attraction and energy.

Sold with authentication certificate to insure your investment is genuine and of the highest quality.


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