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Cool Ice Agate Bracelet


Item description: Cool Ice Agate Bracelet

Item Number:10020277-20160606-10

Size: Bracelet 63mm diameter 27mm wide

A very fine example of a most beautiful type of gemstone bracelet available today. This very unique agate bracelet features a glowing translucent cool ice appearance and has a polished smooth very attractive finish.

The original gemstone was chosen for its purity and natural ice colour, then shaped and crafted to perfection. There is a beautiful glow and ambience to this one-of-a-kind jewellery piece. This is one of the very best artistic bracelets offered for sale and you can be assured of the high quality design and finish.

Indulge yourself in this stunning fashion jewellery bracelet being a solid investment and a very worthy addition to your collection.

Comes in quality timber case for safe storage and presentation.


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