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Agate Waterside Good Memories


Code: 10070104-20160725-04

Price: $ P.O.A.

Product name: Agate Waterside Good Memories

Size: Long: 345mm, width: 240mm, height:127mm (price included stand)

One of the most detailed and exquisite Agate artwork pieces offered for sale. This is one piece of precious stone Agate which has been very skilfully crafted and designed to delight with this beautiful earthly landscape.

A simple and peaceful scene featuring a waterside theme of tranquil beauty with the artist providing a very detailed and enchanting visual experience. This calming landscape is exception in its style and grace, an amazing artwork piece with many enjoyable and calming benefits. Bringing good memories and feeling to you..

This substantial precious stone artwork has won gold award also represents a strong investment as well a centrepiece to any office or home.

For complete details on this superb artwork please contact.

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