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Agate Go Box Set


Product code10070026-20160805-14

Product nameAgate Go Box Set

Size: Chess box length 355mm, wide 250mm, high 110mm, Pawn diameter of 23mm

Legends trace the origin of the game of Go to the mythical Chinese emperor Yao (2337–2258 BC), who was said to have had his counselor Shun design it for his unruly son, Danzhu, to favorably influence him. Other theories suggest that the game was derived from Chinese tribal warlords and generals, who used pieces of stone to map out attacking positions.

This beautiful box set of the popular game of Go game is now offered for sale featuring the pieces all made of precious stone Agate. Consisting of the two colour pieces, each in their own carved storage bowls with lids, Go scroll board and all set in a beautiful collectors box.

This is a piece that will last forever, ideal as a gift to family or friends, also a tasteful addition to any home.