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Precious Stones Story

For thousands of years precious stones have adorned kings, princess’s and the elite, for showing-off, decoration, ceremony and to evoke a powerful healing energy. There is a magic to precious stones like no other, they can provide an energy all their own. We are often told by clients that some gemstones ‘ jump out at them’ and provide a magical and natural power to them. 

All gemstones vibrate at what is known as the piezoelectric effect, a minute electromagnetic force that is alive. So, in an “alive” dormant gemstone it carries a powerful Earth energy. There is a known vibration influence on the owner with positive and beneficial effect.

Known for their fashion, they also have the ability to improve or enhance your general lifestyle, with some gemstones you will discover to love.

With a selection of totally unique gemstone jewellery items on offer, you can be assured of a precious stone that is just for you and will provide years of enjoyment.