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Why Choose Expression Jewellery?

Expression Jewellery is a well-established Australian based business, with a genuine focus on customer satisfaction. Also, it’s all fully back by the large publicly listed company STONE Art Trading Company Limited. All products are the highest quality and sold at competitive prices

How Do I Know My Gemstones are Authentic?

There are a lot of cheap poor quality jewellery currently being sold. With Expression Jewellery each individual piece has been handmade and you are assured of receiving the world’s very best quality gem stones, many products come with a certificate of authenticity. All backed by the parent company of STONE Art Trading Company Limited.

How Soon is My Product Shipped After Ordering?

Usually within 1-2 working of receiving the order it is promptly shipped. Australian based orders can be expected to be receive with 7-days. Red hot special items approximately receive with 7weeks.  

What is carat weight?

Gemstones are priced by weight and quality rather than size. The measurement of weight is the carat. Bear in mind that because some stones are denser than others, two stones of the same weight may be different sizes. For stones that are rarer, such as diamonds the price per carat will be higher.

Why is there a Large Variation in Prices of Gemstone Jewellery?

As with any product the quality varies, this is especially true with unique gemstones, ever piece is different. The main factors that affect the sale price is the quality of the precious stone. i.e. like the texture, pattern, colour and rarity of an individual piece. Always remember, all products sold with Expression Jewellery are of high quality however some are particularly rare and unique which command a higher price and value.

Is buying loose gemstones a good investment?

Buying gemstones is a great way to make an investment that is expected to appreciate and, it’s not in the very high price range like diamonds. Gemstones are affordable and you can start your collection a single gemstone and build from there.

Is the colour of the stone important?

Colour is the most important factor though you shouldn’t judge a stone by the deepness of its colour but rather its brightness and its unique qualities.

Will the value of my gemstones increase?

If you buy gemstone jewellery now, and based on the history of precious stones, its value is very much expected to increase as time goes by. Also, they lasts forever, so it makes it a great way of passing something of value on to future generations of your family.

If you have any other questions or inquires please email the friendly  staff at  Expression Jewellery