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About us

We are an Australian based precious stone supplier consultant who are passionate about assist providing quality gemstone jewellery including Opals and artworks. 

All products sold on this web site is guaranteed to be unique, each is individually crafted and like no other, so you can be sure you are wearing something no one else on the planet owns – it’s for you only. 

The original precious stones are sourced from the very best locations from around the world, selected for their quality and colouring appeal.

All jewellery and artworks are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen who, after years of training and experience, create the very best in gemstone jewellery and artworks. You can be sure when purchasing that you will receive a beautiful and completely individual product.

"Expression Jewellery is committed to building something larger and who puts aside personal gain for the well-being of the community." 

IGSSandy Huang – Manager 

We are here to assist in anyway with your purchase and welcome your inquires on these fine products. These
gemstones are forever, providing years of pleasure and