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Why we have season pictures on our wall?

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Many people think that June-August is the off-season of the industry every year. Coupled with the cold weather and no one on the road, it is normal to have poor performance. Some bosses are also asking: “How do you motivate employees in the off-season?” I don’t know, when you think it’s “off-season,” how can incentives make the market a “peak season”?


In fact, in such cold weather, who will come out to visit?

The answer is: customers with clear shopping needs!

When the weather is comfortable, there will be 300 people at the door every day, for example 100 of whom must buy it. There are also 80 people who bought the store because of the store service and the products they like. There are 120 people, maybe they are killed. Will not buy. When the weather is cold, there are only 100 people at the door, and these 100 people are basically sure to have shopping needs. Therefore, it seems that the off-season seems to be cold, and it seems that the flow of people has dropped significantly. In fact, the weather is helping us screen customers. 



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