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What is your experience with gemstone?

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“Gemstone is silent, but it is more touching than any language."


My story, 

Sister and I both wear one of this gemstone - bracelet @ one of my exciting memories at my collection.!💗🌸


Few years ago I was seating down wait for my KFC order my eyes was looking at my bracelet 

as usual play the circle ⭕️ noted my bracelet 

Colour is brown and thick brown colour then before kind of awaken moment why colour has changed?

Few days after I don’t know why I had look at it again woah it’s interesting light colour appear on side my bracelet not so brown so I start testing 

My answer was when I forgot to drink water or less drink water and my bracelet turn in dark brown colour. It’s changeable it’s amazing it’s good for my body am absolutely appreciated so I decided to you have experience with gemstone tell us.

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