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Sharing Water grass agate

Weed agate in agate, a kind of agate mixed with green or its color inclusions. For example, the moss is called moss agate. For example, the weeds call the water agate, as the feathers call the feather agate. The water grass agate is said to prevent colds and frostbite. Unfortunately, the water agate is different from other agates, so it is extremely difficult to find a slightly larger water agate, and the price is naturally high. It is said that the body often has over hot, including hands and sweats, who can be exposed to water agate for a long time to improve the symptoms. Individuality is arrogant and unconventional, but it is also suitable for wearing the water grass agate to stimulate its enthusiasm; With water grass agate to help the joy of fish and water to enhance the pleasure of the boudoir; salesman wearing a water agate can strengthen the affinity and flexibility of various sudden phenomena, help to promote business to improve performance; children who read more or wear water agate can infect water The characteristics become smart and flexible, and the learning ability is strong and adaptable.


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