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How important is it to put a works of art at home?.

Modern life busy high pressure, office workers often come home, facing the messy room and tied after a long day. Each carefully arranged home, in fact, reflects a life of balance and joy. Although, always improving your living conditions is also important.

In addition to the necessities of a home, a family selects good works of art to display not only to beautify and decorate the house, but also reflect the owner's humanistic values.

Although some works of art and then wonderful, if not with the family space, furnishings form a good ratio, will still appear very abrupt. For example, if the room features Asian furniture, it’s hard for Western abstract sculptures and art to placed in the home. Good artwork in a home can promote family harmony and happiness.

A suitable work of art at home, can increase the depth of space and beauty, of a home and when carefully chosen then family members can also get a sense of order and belonging.

For example, in China Liu Yiqian throw 1.1 billion wayward to buy Modigliani's "side of the naked woman", the painting directly into the Shanghai Dragon Art Museum, in order to support the cause of curator Wang Wei, that is, his wife . Then added: "This life may work for the Dragon Museum."

Ordinary people may not be a avid collectors of artworks as a lifelong career, but they can highlight personal taste. Van Gogh once said, "There is nothing immortal, including art itself, and the only immortal is the understanding of man and the world that art conveys”.

Art, stocks and real estate are said to be the three major investments. But in any case, art can give individuals and families to bring the cultural temperament and spiritual pleasure, not a bunch of stock figures can be compared.

In parts of the world art collections capital increase is as high as 26%, even higher than many other investments. With China's economic take-off, the Chinese art market also ushered in an unprecedented period of growth. Also, art collecting is no longer a game of the rich, a large number of urban new middle class have entered the art market.

The popularity of artwork has also changed with the convenience of the Internet. Art is no longer limited to galleries and auctions, people can open the phone to select favorite works of art for  their collection, gifts, home decoration, to create high quality of life they seek.

Every family home should have a works of art!

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