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About warm and delicate - beeswax

The introverted and deep beeswax, full of waxy luster, was called "the gold of the north" in ancient times. The ancient emperors regarded the beeswax as auspicious and also symbolized "power", especially the bright yellow honey. Wax has been a royal patent since the Qing Dynasty. It can be used for refuge in the newborn and safe for life. Modern people are gradually shifting their gaze from gold and silver diamonds to beeswax. It has no gold luxury, no silver eye-catching, no diamond dazzling luster, and is adorned in the chest, under the ear, wrist, neck, but not separately. Quietly succinctly elegant and subtle, subtle expression of taste and cultivation. Beeswax is actually an amber organic gem. It was once called the time of the poet to solidify, and the moment is eternal. They are condensed with millions of years of bio-energy, and they contain countless magical legends that exude a unique and charming charm.

Honey wax jewelry

The beeswax symbolizes the eternal lover, and constantly exudes inexplicable charm. The fossilized plant fossil is deeply buried in the ground for more than ten million years. It is deeply loved by people because of its diverse colors and soft texture. The elements contained in beeswax can promote metabolism, remove residual toxins from the body, improve cell resistance to disease and aging, help blood circulation, wear or massage the affected area, improve rheumatic pain, back pain, limb paralysis, frozen shoulder, etc. Can prevent tumors and osteoporosis.

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