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A Couple A Lifetime-Happy month6!

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Thanks for the yesterday, today... thanks for the opportunity Stone Expression Jewellery is going to have a storehouse in Hurstville where we can sharing with others face to face where we can continue finding out our potential.....together we growthūüíĚ


When the person is quiet, lie down and think about it carefully. It is not easy to live, knowing that the person will die later, but also live diligently. Why is it that the person lives all one's life after all? Complex society, can't see through the hearts of the people, can't let go of care, Experience of the sweet and sour bitter, the end of the bumpy, the more helpless, not forget yesterday, busy today, unexpected tomorrow, finally do not know which day will disappear, this is life. So busy again tired do not forget to love oneself, spring has arrived, the weather has changed, must remember to take good care of oneself! Life is like the weather, predictable, but often unexpected. A good mood is the only treasure that life can't be deprived of, whether it's sunny or fickle. Grasp the daily life, take good care of the unique body, is the best treasure.

The most open-minded and wise attitude to life is to be at ease, to go with nature, to be at ease with circumstances, and to be at ease with fate. What a nice thing to say: We all have shortcomings, so let's bear with each other. We all have our merits, so we appreciate each other a little. We all have our personalities, so let's make a little room for each other. We all have our differences, so let's accept each other a little. We're all sad, so let's comfort each other. We all have happiness, so share a little with each other. Because we have predestined acquaintance, please treasure every family member and friend in our life! Have a good time every day!


Ten years from now you will give the children the Mercedes-Benz BMW and they will say it is too old! Ten years from now, when you give your kids the Apple 6S, they'll say, "No kidding!" Ten years later, you lie in a hospital bed with a pile of bankbooks, ask your children to carry your shit every day, the children will say, hire a nurse! Ten years later, you're in shape and able to travel, box and dance. Your kids will say, "Mom and Dad, you're so smart!"
The best gift for children is their health!
The important thing, say again, please remember the last sentence: The best gift to give a child is to keep his/her physical and mental health well-being.
In fact, life is to do two things well: first, educate good children, do not endanger society; The second is to take care of yourself. Don't drag the children down. In a few years' time we will all be gone, and to this world we shall be nothing at all.
We've worked hard all our lives and we can't take a single tree with us. We cling to life, not to take away a point of vanity and love. This life, rich or poor, one day will come to this final step. To heaven, suddenly looking back, our life, is a waste:?!

So, from now on, we should live hard and be happy every day. Three thousand flourishing, snap of a second, a hundred years later, but a handful of yellow sand. Please be kind to everyone because there is no next life.


Life is really short, how many people said to live a lifetime, but walking on the left over once. How many people said to be friends for life, can turn around and become the most familiar stranger. Some of them clearly promise to see you tomorrow, but wake up and be apart.
So, while we are still alive, lovers, comrades, classmates, friends, colleagues, can get together not to miss, can love when serious love, can embrace when hug, can hold hands when can not let go.
Play while you can, eat when you can. Please cherish the people around you, don't be a person who turns over a book faster than the person who turned it over.
Mutual understanding is the real emotion, don't leave too much regret in your life. Even the best predestination can not stand perfunctory, again the deep feelings also need to treasure.

There is no such thing as an absolute fool, only a person who pretends to be a fool for you. The one who forgives you is not willing to lose you. Only sincerity can keep each other and treasure each other forever. When it's advantageous, don't let people down. Do not forgive when the right is justified. Don't laugh at people when you can. too smart to be hated; Too fastidious and disliked; Too proud to be rejected.

The person walks in the world, originally is an empty, why bother to care everywhere, step by step. It is better not to be vexed than to be hurtful when talking too much and to hate too much.


A lifetime of self-consciousness, carefree. The world's arguments can not be completed, to win the heartless; There's no money in the world. That's about it. The rich gather and the rich gather.
The heart is happy, the life is relaxed; It's only worth it when you're at ease! Too much thought, easily vexed; Care too much, trouble easily; Too much pursuit makes you tired easily. Treasure the people around you, because there is no meeting in the next life! Feel the joy of life, for it is fleeting! Enjoy each day of your life, for there is no afterlife thought but this life. Where you are who you have meet and more.

Please do sharing If you like it much appreciatedūüéČ

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